Gold Fish Restaurant
Goldfish restaurant belongs to Chichi group – including many famous shops like Chichi, Chichi taylor, Du Du, Unique, Tuti Bella,Butterfly,Goldfish shop and Sen Lá Restaurant-Vietnamese cuisine … Goldfish welcomes guests with its Vietnamese décor - the gold-fish with conical hat and old-age Vietnameses’ pictures on the wall create a pleasant and relax ambience. It is the good place in town can offer an extensive choice of 50 quality international food and beverage items, as well as 100 local speciality dishes and in addition – ‘ made to order’ favorites. During 5 years, Goldfish is selected the nice and good restaurant for it’s professional serving. Next year, The Goldfish II will be opening to meet all the customers’ needs.
"Bun Suon"
Price: 69,000 VND
French Bread with cheese and ham with french fries
Price: 94,000 VND
Tender squid stir-fried with onion and black pepper
Price: 125,000 VND
Simmer pork with pepper in clay pot
Price: 115,000 VND
Cream of Pumpkin soup
Price: 69,000 VND
Gold Fish Pizza
Price: 131,000 VND
Vietnamese Sweets with mix of white beans, red beans, special tapioca, mashed green beans and fresh coconut milk
Price: 52,000 VND
Price: 350,000 VND
Prawn steamed in fresh coconut
Price: 137,000 VND
Lotus root salad with pork and shrimp served with shrimp crackers
Price: 119,000 VND
Vietnamese Traditional Sour Soup with seabass
Price: 129,000 VND
Fresh noodles with “grilled pork meat balls” and vegetables
Price: 62,000 VND
Price: 124,000 VND
Caramel Sea bass in clay pot
Price: 128,000 VND
Beefsteak with egg
Price: 121,000 VND
Mixed green salad with vinegar and oil
Price: 82,000 VND
Cheese Cake with strawberry sauce
Price: 73,000 VND
Ice-cream (1 scoops)
Price: 44,000 VND
Vietnamese Crispy Fried Spring Rolls filled with pork and shrimp, mushroom, taro,served with lettuce, fresh herbs and fish sauce
Price: 67,000 VND
Deep fried squid with hot and sour sauce
Price: 116,000 VND
Water spinach stir-fried with garlic
Price: 78,000 VND
Egg-noodle stir-fried with seafood
Price: 125,000 VND
Grilled ham and cheese sandwich with french fries
Price: 94,000 VND
Prawn stir-fried with satay,onion,capsicum and pineapple
Price: 137,000 VND
Chicken breast stir-fried with chili and lemongrass
Price: 115,000 VND
Grilled beef and chicken satay in skewer served with peanut sauce
Price: 128,000 VND
Penne Pasta with Tuna
Price: 104,000 VND
Caramel Puddings
Price: 47,000 VND
Fresh coconut juice
Price: 46,000 VND
Fresh Summer Rolls filled with shrimp, pork, lettuce, fresh herbs served with peanut plump dipping
Price: 74,000 VND
Deep fried soft-shell in salt egg
Price: 146,000 VND
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